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Execute two queries together

Execute two queries together
Imports System
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Data.SqlClient

public class MainClass
   Shared Sub Main()
      Dim thisConnection As New SqlConnection("server=(local)\SQLEXPRESS;" & _
          "integrated security=sspi;database=MyDatabase")

      'Sql Query 1
      Dim sql1 As String ="SELECT FirstName FROM Employee;  "

      'Sql Query 2
      Dim sql2 As String ="SELECT LastName FROM Employee;"

      'Combine queries
      Dim sql As String = sql1 & sql2

      'Create Command object
      Dim thisCommand As New SqlCommand _
         (sql, thisConnection)

         ' Open Connection
         Console.WriteLine("Connection Opened")

         ' Execute Query
         Dim thisReader As SqlDataReader = thisCommand.ExecuteReader()

      Catch ex As SqlException
         ' Display error
         Console.WriteLine("Error: " & ex.ToString())
         ' Close Connection
         Console.WriteLine("Connection Closed")

      End Try
   End Sub
End Class


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