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Use SequenceEqual to compare two Arrays


Imports System
Imports System.Linq
Imports System.Collections.Generic
Public Class Item
    Public Property Name As String
    Public Property Code As Integer
End Class

Public Class ItemComparer
    Implements IEqualityComparer(Of Item)

    Public Function Equals1(ByVal x As Item, ByVal y As Item) As Boolean Implements IEqualityComparer(Of Item).Equals
        If x Is y Then Return True

        If x Is Nothing OrElse y Is Nothing Then Return False

        Return (x.Code = y.Code) AndAlso (x.Name = y.Name)
    End Function

    Public Function GetHashCode1(ByVal product As Item) As Integer Implements IEqualityComparer(Of Item).GetHashCode
        If product Is Nothing Then Return 0
        Dim hashItemName = If(product.Name Is Nothing, 0, product.Name.GetHashCode())
        Dim hashItemCode = product.Code.GetHashCode()
        Return hashItemName Xor hashItemCode
    End Function
End Class  

Public Class Example

    Public Shared Sub Main() 

        Dim storeA() As Item = 
            {New Item With {.Name = "apple", .Code = 9}, 
             New Item With {.Name = "orange", .Code = 4}}
        Dim storeB() As Item = 
            {New Item With {.Name = "apple", .Code = 9}, 
             New Item With {.Name = "orange", .Code = 4}}
        Dim equalAB = storeA.SequenceEqual(storeB)
        Console.WriteLine("Equal? " & equalAB)

    End Sub
End Class


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