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Catch and rethrow exceptions

Catch and rethrow exceptions
Imports System
Imports System.Data
Imports System.IO

public class MainClass
   Shared Sub Main()
       Dim FileToRead As String = "test.txt"
       Dim TestFile As FileStream

       Dim Reader As New StreamReader(FileToRead)
           Dim I As Integer, S As String
           Dim Result As Integer
               S = Reader.ReadLine()
               I = CInt(S)
               Result = 100 \ I
           Catch DivByZero As System.DivideByZeroException
               Console.WriteLine("** Divide by zero **")

           Catch BadConversion As System.InvalidCastException
               Console.WriteLine("** " + S + " is not a number **")
               Throw New System.InvalidCastException("My own exception happened here", BadConversion)

           Catch OtherErrors As Exception
               Throw OtherErrors
           End Try
       Loop While Reader.Peek <> -1
   End Sub
End Class


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