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Event Log

Public Class MainClass
    Public Shared Function WriteToEventLog(ByVal Entry As String, _
        Optional ByVal AppName As String = "AAA", Optional ByVal EventType As EventLogEntryType = EventLogEntryType.Information, Optional ByVal LogName As String = "Application") As Boolean
        Dim objEventLog As New EventLog()
            If Not EventLog.SourceExists(AppName) Then
                EventLog.CreateEventSource(AppName, LogName)
            End If
            objEventLog.Source = AppName
            objEventLog.WriteEntry(Entry, EventType)
            Return True
        Catch Ex As Exception
            Return False
        End Try
    End Function
    Public Shared Sub Main()
        WriteToEventLog("message", "Authenticator", EventLogEntryType.Error, "Special Log")
    End Sub
End Class


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