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Values returned by the VarType function


Constant           Value      Description
vbEmpty            0          Empty (uninitialized)
vbNull             1          Null (no valid data)
vbInteger          2          Integer
vbLong             3          Long integer
vbSingle           4          Single-precision floating-point number
vbDouble           5          Double-precision floating-point number
vbCurrency         6          Currency value
vbDate             7          Date value
vbString           8          String
vbObject           9          Object
vbError            10         Error value
vbBoolean          11         Boolean value
vbVariant          12         Variant (used only with arrays of variants)
vbDataObject       13         Data access object
vbDecimal          14         Decimal value
vbByte             17         Byte value
vbUserDefinedType  36         Variants that contain user-defined types
vbArray           8192        Array


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