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Determining a cell's data type

Function CellType(Rng)
    Set Rng = Rng.Range("A1")
    Select Case True
        Case IsEmpty(Rng)
            CellType = "Blank"
        Case WorksheetFunction.IsText(Rng)
            CellType = "Text"
        Case WorksheetFunction.IsLogical(Rng)
            CellType = "Logical"
        Case WorksheetFunction.IsErr(Rng)
            CellType = "Error"
        Case IsDate(Rng)
            CellType = "Date"
        Case InStr(1, Rng.Text, ":") <> 0
            CellType = "Time"
        Case IsNumeric(Rng)
            CellType = "Value"
    End Select
End Function


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