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Use case select statement to call common functions

Function STATFUNCTION(rng, op)
    Select Case UCase(op)
        Case "SUM"
            STATFUNCTION = WorksheetFunction.Sum(rng)
        Case "AVERAGE"
            STATFUNCTION = WorksheetFunction.Average(rng)
        Case "MEDIAN"
            STATFUNCTION = WorksheetFunction.Median(rng)
        Case "MODE"
            STATFUNCTION = WorksheetFunction.Mode(rng)
        Case "COUNT"
            STATFUNCTION = WorksheetFunction.Count(rng)
        Case "MAX"
            STATFUNCTION = WorksheetFunction.Max(rng)
        Case "MIN"
            STATFUNCTION = WorksheetFunction.Min(rng)
        Case "VAR"
            STATFUNCTION = WorksheetFunction.Var(rng)
        Case "STDEV"
            STATFUNCTION = WorksheetFunction.StDev(rng)
        Case Else
            STATFUNCTION = CVErr(xlErrNA)
    End Select
End Function


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