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Working with a Chart Axis
Sub chartAxis()
    Dim myChartObject As ChartObject
    Set myChartObject = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Add(Left:=200, Top:=200, _
        Width:=400, Height:=300)
    myChartObject.Chart.SetSourceData Source:= _
        ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Chart Data").Range("A1:E5")
    myChartObject.SeriesCollection.Add Source:=ActiveSheet.Range("C4:K4"), Rowcol:=xlRows
    myChartObject.HasTitle = True
    With myChartObject.Axes(Type:=xlCategory, AxisGroup:=xlPrimary)
        .HasTitle = True
        .AxisTitle.Text = "Years"
        .AxisTitle.Font.Name = "Times New Roman"
        .AxisTitle.Font.Size = 12
        .HasMajorGridlines = True
        .HasMinorGridlines = False
    End With
End Sub

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