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Common File Operations Simplified

Sub TestGetFile() 
    Dim nIndex As Integer 
    Dim sFile As String 
    sFile = GetExcelFile("Testing GetExcelFile Function") 
    If sFile = "False" Then 
        Debug.Print "No file selected." 
        Exit Sub 
    End If 
    Debug.Print sFile 
End Sub 
Function GetExcelFile(sTitle As String) As String 
    Dim sFilter As String 
    Dim bMultiSelect As Boolean 
    sFilter = "Workbooks (*.xls), *.xls" 
    bMultiSelect = False 
    GetExcelFile = Application.GetOpenFilename(FileFilter:=sFilter, _ 
        Title:=sTitle, MultiSelect:=bMultiSelect) 
End Function 


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