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Use Boolean value in an If statement

Sub Use()
    Dim userName As String
    Dim userBirthday As Date
    Dim nameOk As Boolean
    nameOk = True
        userName = InputBox("What is your first and last name?", "Name")
        If (userName <> "") Then nameOk = ValidateName(userName)
    Loop While (nameOk = False) Or (userName <> "")
End Sub

Function ValidateName(userName As String) As Boolean
    Dim strLength As Integer
    Dim I As Integer
    Dim numSpaces As Integer
    Dim tempString As String
    Dim msb As Integer
    userName = Trim(userName)
    strLength = Len(userName)
    For I = 1 To strLength
        If Left(userName, 1) = " " Then
            numSpaces = numSpaces + 1
        End If
        userName = Right(userName, Len(userName) - 1)
    Next I
    If (numSpaces <> 1) Then
        ValidateName = False
        msb = MsgBox("Please enter just two names separated by one space", vbCritical, "Error")
        ValidateName = True
  End If
End Function


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