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Java Source Code

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 * The type of account
 * This are the different types specified by the OFX format and
 * they are currently not used except for exporting
public enum AccountType {
    CASH(TransactionType.DEBIT), BANK(TransactionType.DEBIT), CREDIT, ASSET(TransactionType.DEBIT), LIABILITY,
    STOCK(TransactionType.DEBIT), MUTUAL(TransactionType.DEBIT), ROOT;

     * Indicates that this type of normal balance the account type has
     * <p>To increase the value of an account with normal balance of credit, one would credit the account.
     * To increase the value of an account with normal balance of debit, one would likewise debit the account.</p>
    private TransactionType mNormalBalance = TransactionType.CREDIT;

    AccountType(TransactionType normalBalance){
        this.mNormalBalance = normalBalance;

    AccountType() {
        //nothing to see here, move along

    public boolean hasDebitNormalBalance(){
        return mNormalBalance == TransactionType.DEBIT;

     * Returns the type of normal balance this account possesses
     * @return TransactionType balance of the account type
    public TransactionType getNormalBalanceType(){
        return mNormalBalance;

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