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Java Source Code

package com.jstewart.testamazonlogin;
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import java.util.List;

import android.os.AsyncTask;


public class ListBucketsTask extends AsyncTask<AmazonS3Client, Void, String> {

  private LoginFragment fragment;

  public ListBucketsTask(LoginFragment fragment) {
    this.fragment = fragment;

  protected String doInBackground(AmazonS3Client... clients) {
    ObjectListing listing = clients[0].listObjects(""); //add bucket name
    List<S3ObjectSummary> summaries = listing.getObjectSummaries();

    String names = "";

    for (S3ObjectSummary summary : summaries) {
      names = names + summary.getKey()
          + "\n"; 
    return names;

  protected void onPostExecute(String itemNames) {

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