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Java Source Code

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import java.util.List;

import org.ektorp.CouchDbConnector;
import org.ektorp.impl.StdCouchDbInstance;
import org.unicef.gis.model.Report;
import org.unicef.gis.model.couchdb.views.AllReportsByTimestampDesc;
import org.unicef.gis.model.couchdb.views.PendingSyncReports;
import org.unicef.gis.model.couchdb.views.UploadedReports;

import android.content.Context;
import android.location.Location;
import android.util.Log;

import com.couchbase.cblite.CBLDatabase;
import com.couchbase.cblite.CBLServer;
import com.couchbase.cblite.ektorp.CBLiteHttpClient;

public class CouchDbLiteStoreAdapter {
  public static final String TOUCH_DB_NAME = "unicef_gis_touch_db";
  private static final String DESIGN_DOC_NAME = "design_doc";
  private static CBLServer couchDbServer = null;
  private static CBLiteHttpClient couchDbClient = null;  
  private static StdCouchDbInstance couchDb = null;
  private static CBLDatabase db = null;
  private static CouchDbConnector conn;
  private static AllReportsByTimestampDesc allReports;
  private static PendingSyncReports pendingSyncReports;
  private static UploadedReports uploadedReports;
  public CouchDbLiteStoreAdapter(Context context) {
    if (couchDbServer == null) {
      String filesDir = context.getFilesDir().getAbsolutePath();
      try {
        couchDbServer = new CBLServer(filesDir);
        couchDbClient = new CBLiteHttpClient(couchDbServer);
        couchDb = new StdCouchDbInstance(couchDbClient);
        db = couchDbServer.getDatabaseNamed(TOUCH_DB_NAME, true);
        allReports = new AllReportsByTimestampDesc(db, DESIGN_DOC_NAME);
        pendingSyncReports = new PendingSyncReports(db, DESIGN_DOC_NAME);
        uploadedReports = new UploadedReports(db, DESIGN_DOC_NAME);
      } catch (IOException e) {
        Log.e("UnicefGisStore", "Error starting TDServer", e);

  public void saveReport(Context context, String description,
      Location location, Uri imageUri, List<String> tags, boolean postToTwitter, boolean postToFacebook) {
    Report report = new Report(description, location, imageUri, tags);    
  public void updateReport(Report report) {
  public void deleteReport(Report report) {
    ektorp().delete(report.getId(), report.getRevision());

  public List<Report> getReports() {      
    return Report.collectionFromMap(allReports.query());
  public List<Report> getPendingSyncReports() {    
    return Report.collectionFromMap(pendingSyncReports.query());
  public List<Report> getUploadedReports() {
    return Report.collectionFromMap(uploadedReports.query());
  private CouchDbConnector ektorp() {
    if (conn == null)
      conn = couchDb.createConnector(TOUCH_DB_NAME, true);
    return conn;

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