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Java Source Code

 * @author Gidy Basin/* ww w.j  a  va  2 s  .com*/

package gidy.carpark;

import gidy.carpark.utils.GPSTracker;

import org.json.JSONException;
import org.json.JSONObject;

public class ParkingLocation {

  private String _locationStr;
  private int _numParks;
  private boolean _isCurrent;
  private Double _locLat;
  private Double _locLong;  
  public static boolean isOkPressed = false;

  public ParkingLocation(String location, GPSTracker gpsTracker){
    _locationStr = location;
    _numParks = 0;
    _isCurrent = false;

    // Handle location
    if (!gpsTracker.canGetLocation()){
      _locLat = null;
      _locLong = null;
      _locLat = gpsTracker.getLatitude();
      _locLong = gpsTracker.getLongitude();

  public void waitForOk(){
    while (!isOkPressed){
      try {
      } catch (InterruptedException e) {
        // Too Bad :(
  public ParkingLocation(JSONObject jsonLoc) throws JSONException{
    _locationStr = jsonLoc.getString("location");
    _numParks = jsonLoc.getInt("numParks");
    _isCurrent = jsonLoc.getBoolean("isCurrent");
    if (jsonLoc.has("locLatitude") && jsonLoc.has("locLongitude")){
      _locLat = jsonLoc.getDouble("locLatitude");
      _locLong = jsonLoc.getDouble("locLongitude");
      _locLat = null;
      _locLong = null;

  public String getLocationString(){
    return _locationStr;

  public int getNumParks(){
    return _numParks;

  public boolean getIsCurrent(){
    return _isCurrent;
  public Double getLong(){
    return _locLong;
  public Double getLat(){
    return _locLat;

  public void setCurrentParking(){
    _isCurrent = true;
    _numParks ++ ;
  public boolean hasLocation(){
    return (_locLat != null && _locLong != null);

  public void removeCurrentFlag(){
    _isCurrent = false;

  public JSONObject getJsonObj() throws JSONException{

    JSONObject jsonLoc = new JSONObject();

    jsonLoc.put("location", _locationStr);
    jsonLoc.put("numParks", _numParks);
    jsonLoc.put("isCurrent", _isCurrent);
    jsonLoc.put("locLongitude", _locLong);
    jsonLoc.put("locLatitude", _locLat);

    return jsonLoc;

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