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Java Source Code

package com.expositomarc.basicglassapp;
//  w ww.  j  a v a  2s.  c o m
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;


/* Manager of tasks. Basically it's a list with all the tasks. At this moment only 4.
   All tasks are hard-written but in the next version they'll be originated by voice
public class ToDoListManager {

  // List to store all the tasks
  private List<ToDoTask> mToDoList;
  public ToDoListManager (){
    mToDoList = new ArrayList<ToDoTask>();
    // Generate random tasks (just 4)
    ToDoTask task_1 = new ToDoTask("Buy Macbook Pro Retina");
    ToDoTask task_2 = new ToDoTask("Save money for iPhone 6");

    ToDoTask task_3 = new ToDoTask("Training archery");

    ToDoTask task_4 = new ToDoTask("Call dad");
  // Return all tasks
  public List<ToDoTask> getToDoList() {
    return mToDoList;

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