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Apache License

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Java Source Code

package jp.kshoji.blemidi.listener;
//from   www  .  j a v  a 2s .  co m
import jp.kshoji.blemidi.device.MidiInputDevice;
import jp.kshoji.blemidi.device.MidiOutputDevice;

 * Listener for MIDI detached events
 * @author K.Shoji
public interface OnMidiDeviceDetachedListener {

     * MIDI input device has been attached
     * @param midiInputDevice detached MIDI Input device
    void onMidiInputDeviceDetached(MidiInputDevice midiInputDevice);

     * MIDI output device has been attached
     * @param midiOutputDevice detached MIDI Output device
    void onMidiOutputDeviceDetached(MidiOutputDevice midiOutputDevice);

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