List of Free code MVC Framework


    This project gives you access to the code for upcoming releases that the ASP.NET team is working on, starting with the ASP.NET MVC Framework.
  • ASP.NET Free Directory Script
    ASP.NET Free Directory Script (Web Directory) . AFDS is an open source web directrory application. Developed in ASP.NET MVC C# (Framework 3.5)
  • ASP.NET MVC Plugin Framework
    Provides a framework for building ASP.NET MVC sites that can use plugins to extend their functionality.
  • MVC ScriptManager
    MvcScriptManager is aimed to port certain key features available in AjaxControlToolkit's ToolkitScriptManager into the current ASP.NET MVC Framework. You will be able to use it as a control in your ASP.NET MVC application.
  • MvcContrib: an Outercurve Foundation project
    This project adds additional functionality on top of the MVC Framework. It is written in C#. Founded by Eric Hexter and Jeffrey Palermo.
  • Parlez MVC
    A multi-lingual implementation for the ASP.NET MVC 4 framework to make it easier to build websites that are viewable in different languages.
  • RestUpMVC
    RestUpMVC is a .NET library that allows developers to easily expose a RESTful interface from an ASP.NET MVC application. RestUpMVC was written in C# 4.0 and takes advantage of the ASP MVC 3 framework.
  • Simplify ExtJs for ASP.Net MVC
    MVCnExt is a ASP.Net MVC Tag Library for the popular ExtJS framework.
  • Spark View Engine
    Spark is a view engine for ASP.NET MVC and Castle Project MonoRail frameworks. The idea is to allow the html to dominate the flow and any code to fit seamlessly.
  • Sports Store MVC3
    Creating the Sports Store outlined in the Pro ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework. I built this when i was reading the book using the code outlined in the book.
  • The Family Tree project
    The Family Tree Project is a collection of libraries and tools to manage Genealogical data. We will be providing a GEDCOM Library for managing GEDCOM data, a "Family Tree" Framework, whiich will provide a rich object model for managing Genealogical data an ASP.NET MVC applic...
  • UnifiedASP
    UnifiedASP is a web-application framework for ASP.Net 2. 0 that we use internally at The Data Pros. Training our new-hires on this framework usually doubles their productivity in the first 30 days. Its flexible, fast, and does not use MVC.
  • Web Management Studio
    ASP.NET MVC based framework for content-management systems

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