List of Free code Content Management System


  • Active Forums for DotNetNuke CMS
    Active Forums for DotNetNuke CMS
  • Active Forums Tapatalk Module for DotNetNuke CMS
    An add-on module for Active Forums 5.0 which adds support for the Tapatalk API. Tapatalk is a popular app for viewing online forums on mobile devices.
  • Amazon S3 for Umbraco
    This is a project that will allow you to connect to your AmazonS3 via the Umbraco CMS and allow you to select your files and add them to your content easily. This is still in Alpha.
  • AutoFolders
    AutoFolders package for Umbraco CMS This package auto creates folder structures for new and existing pages. The folders structures can be date based (yyyy -> MM -> dd) or alpha character based (a-z)
  • BlogForFree
    This is a simple CMS System.
  • CDN Support for EPiServer CMS
    This module adds CDN support for EPiServer CMS by modifying outgoing links.
  • Checkout by Amazon Module for Orchard CMS
    This module for the Orchard CMS allows you to add the Checkout by Amazon button onto any Orchard content type and integrate the Checkout by Amazon shopping cart into your site.
  • Cobra CMS
    Coming soon in BitBucket!
  • CompositeC1Contrib
    User contributions, hacks and optimization to Composite C1 CMS.
  • ContentManagementSystem
    The aim of the project is to develop an efficient yet usable content management website. Special techniques are planned to be used for improving the productivity.
  • DNN Azure Accelerator
    DNN Azure Accelerator is a project to publish the famous DNN Content Management System (formerly DotNetNuke) on the Windows Azure Platform as a Cloud Service.
  • eCommerceCMS
    CMS eCommerce for company
  • EPiServer CMS ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty
    The MultipleProperty classes are for use in EPiServer CMS 6 and provide an easy way for developers to build complex custom properties that comprise of other EPiServer custom properties.
  • EPiServer CMS Page Type Builder
    Page Type Builder allows developers to define EPiServer page types in code which eliminates the need to synchronize page types between different servers. As page types are declared in code it also enables inheritance between page types and strongly typed property access.
  • Graffiti Extras
    An open source project to create a set of plug-ins, extensions, widgets and themes for Telligent Graffiti CMS.
  • Kooboo Site Converter
    A windows tool that convert standard Html based static website into Kooboo CMS webiste.
  • Mentor Web Blocks
    Mentor Web Blocks adds drag and drop website building functionality for content editors, and excellent code encapsulation for developers for Umbraco CMS.
  • My Web Pages Starter Kit
    My Web Pages Starter Kit is a simple yet powerful file based content management system for small websites.
  • Nemesis Gallery
    Photo gallery component of the Nemesis CMS. Optimized for IIS 7.0 and built on XSLT transformations for easy customization.
  • Orchard Advanced Menu
    Home of the Advanced Menu module for Orchard CMS. Allows you to add hierarchical navigation and breadcrumbs to your Orchard-based site. Currently it's the most popular navigation module in Orchard Gallery.
  • Orchard CMS Amba.DownloadsCounter
    Ochard CMS 1.6 module to collect and show file download statistics.
  • Orchard CMS Amba.HtmlBlocks
    Amba.HtmlBlocks module for Orchard CMS 1.5.1
  • Orchard Dream Store Project
    A simple website using Orchard CMS. For a school project
  • Orchard Shoutbox
    A lightweight shoutbox module for the Orchard CMS:
  • Orchard Simple Contact Form
    An Orchard CMS module that provides a simple contact form that sends an email. It can be used as either a content part or widget.
  • PigeonCms
    Cms made with c# (using NET framework 3.5, SqlServer2005 or Express edition) with many Joomla-like features.
  • QuickWatch Gadget for EPiServer CMS
    The QuickWatch Gadget is a gadget for EPiServer CMS 6 that lets you enter c# code in your browser and dynamically compile and run it in the current web context, and browse the returned objects afterwards - much like the QuickWatch debug window in Visual Studio.
  • Sitecore Courier
    Sitecore Courier aims to fill the gap between the development and production environments when building websites with Sitecore CMS. It lets you build Sitecore
  • Sitecore Database Changes Tracker
    The Database Changes Tracker works with Sitecore CMS 6.4 and 6.5 versions.
  • Sitefinity Toolkit
    The Sitefinity Toolkit is a collection of enhancements to the Sitefinity Content Management System by Telerik. It currently supports Sitefinity version 3.7 (through SP4), and includes a number of tools to automate and simplify a number of actions and features.
  • SiteManager - A Simple SEO Driven CMS
    This is a simple CMS (content management system) built for small business websites. Our primary focus was to keep the HTML wirefame dynamic, content SEO optimized, and provide easy configuration for Google Webmasters, sitemap generation, and Google Analytics.
  • uForum basics - Forum for Umbraco CMS
    uForum is a small forum package for Umbraco CMS. uForum basics is a fork of the uForum code used to run on Our Umbraco, but has been refactored to fit a more generic scenario.
  • WikiX
    The WikiX is an EPiServer Research project to create a Wiki based on the popular EPiServer CMS. WikiX consists of a number of templates as well as a basic framework for working with Wiki Data.

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