List of Free code Windows Presentation Foundation Animation


  • A Simple Marquee Text Control, Drip Animation and Roll Animation in WPF
    An animation consists of a series of frames. To perform the animation, these frames are shown one after the other at a regular time interval. Here i have provided source code of marquee text control, Drip animation, and Roll animation.
  • Animate WPF ScrollViewer
    AniScrollViewer shows how to animate a WPF ScrollViewer. This is accomplished by extending the standard ScrollViewer with two dependent properties which when changed by an animation update the vertical and horizontal offset of the standard ScrollViewer. It's developed in C#.
  • FabTab WPF Tab Control
    FabTab is a subclass of the WPF TabControl with many extra features: tab close buttons, IE-style "QuickTab" with screenshots of all tabitem's content, tab ToolTips are live screenshots of tab content, drag and drop to reorder tabs, transition animations selected tab changes.
  • ItemsViewer for WPF
    The ItemsViewer Control is a custom WPF ItemsControl Virtualized with animations.
  • The Knight's Tour: a c#/wpf implementation
    This project contains a C# implementation of the classic Knight's Tour problem. The WPF front end gives an animated view of the solution. A solution can be generated for any of the 64 starting squares. The latest release furthers the migration of this application towards ...
  • WPF Scaling Modal
    A modal control for WPF that uses different animations to present a given control and lock out the rest of the application.