List of Free code Windows Presentation Foundation Layout


  • AvalonDock
    AvalonDock is a WPF control for adding a docking layout system to your application.
  • CodeSHARPer is a C# code editor written in C# and WPF, it uses AvalonEdit as code editor, AvalonDock as layout system and NRefactory for code completion.
  • Graphviz4Net
    Graphviz4Net provides WPF control that is capable of generating "nice looking" graph layouts with sub-graphs, curved edges with arrows, edges between sub-graphs and more. Nodes, edges and all other elements in the graph are fully customizable and can contain any other WPF cont...
  • Universal Grid
    WPF Overlay Grid for static and dynamic grid layouts.
  • WPFSharp - A C# fluent API for WPF layout
    WPFSharp - WPF fluent API for layout in C#. It replaces the need for XAML in small projects