List of Free code Windows Presentation Foundation Library


  • Fotofly Photo Metadata Library
    A comprehensive C# library for reading and writing metadata stored in jpg photos using WPF and the Windows Imaging Component. Includes support for Windows Live Photo Gallery People Tags, GPS Coordinates and most EXIF, XMP & IPTC properties. Also includes code Geotagging photos.
  • Human Interface Project
    The Human Interface Project (HIP) is a tiny library for the .NET platform and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) aimed at making complex and/or mundane operations simple and elegant, for both end-users and developers.
  • Mouse Gesture Library
    Mouse Gesture Library makes it easier for .net Framework users to build WPF Applications
  • NETMF Glide
    Glide is a graphical library for .NET Micro Framework (NETMF). Glide provides a more responsive experience then NETMF's built-in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with many additional features, from buttons and lists to keyboards and message boxes.
  • Nicenis
    Nicenis is a small library especially for the Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Quick Time WPF Lib
    Library for use Quick Time in WPF Applications
  • SharpVectors - SVG# Reloaded
    The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based standard file format for creating graphics on the web, and is supported by most modern browsers. This project provides a C# library for parsing, converting and viewing the SVG files in WPF applications.
  • SOCollections
    Synchronized, observable collections library. Library with some usable collections for WPF and other DataSourced application parts.
  • Windy.TurtleDrawing
    Windy.TurtleDrawing is a WPF library to generate Stream Geometry with old turtle drawing system introduced in old LOGO Languages. It is very easily to visualize the geometry by assigning it to a path. Windy.TurtleDrawing is written in C# 4.0.
  • WPF Dynamic User Interface - The Business Application Library
    WPFDynamicUI makes it easier to create Line Of Business Application. Automatic User interface for your models. The API Developed in C# WPF stack
  • WPF Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
    A library to add the traditional Windows Forms Multiple Document Interface (MDI) features to WPF. The aim is to resemble the original as much as possible.
  • WPF Shader Effects (WpfShaderEffects)
    WpfShaderEffects is intended to be out-of- the-box-ready-to-use ShaderEffects for WPF. I lean on the great work that has already been done to use shader effects in WPF (notably wpffx and bling). I hope to provide a library that is easy to use and to change
  • WPF Shader Effects Library
    A library of shader effects for Windows Presentation Foundation SP1.
  • Wpf Testing Lib
    This is a project for auto testing wpf apps
  • XAML Torrent
    XAML Torrent is a WPF-based client which organizes multiple file transfer libraries/protocols under one user interface. The project's design centers around a set of abstractions of "transfer tasks" and "transfer managers". The idea is to build a user-friendly, protocol indepe...