List of Free code Windows Presentation Foundation Toolkit


  • Business Intelligence Toolkit
    Business Intelligence Toolkit (BIT) is a set of WPF controls which can be used for visualization large amounts of data.
  • Extended WPF Toolkit? Community Edition
    The Extended WPF Toolkit? is the number one collection of WPF controls, components and utilities for creating next generation Windows applications.
  • Persian WPF Toolkit
    If you're looking for a completely native look and feel for calendars in your WPF projects which supports Persian calendar besides the Gregorian and etc, you'll love this library. This is just the WPFToolkit project which changed to support persian calendar.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
    This is the main site for updates on the WPF roadmap and the portal for accessing the WPF Toolkit and the WPF Futures releases.
  • WPF Control Toolkit
    WPF Control Toolkit is an extensible and powerful presentation framework based on WPF (aka avalon) platform. The framework implements many visual controls fully integrated in Visual Studio.
  • WPF Controls
    WPF Controls Here you will find enahanced WPF toolkit controls with nice and lively themes.