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 * General Public License Version 2 only ("GPL") or the Common Development
 * and Distribution License("CDDL") (collectively, the "License").  You
 * may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You can obtain
 * a copy of the License at
 * or glassfish/bootstrap/legal/LICENSE.txt.  See the License for the specific
 * language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
 * When distributing the software, include this License Header Notice in each
 * file and include the License file at glassfish/bootstrap/legal/LICENSE.txt.
 * Sun designates this particular file as subject to the "Classpath" exception
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 * its licensees as provided above.  However, if you add GPL Version 2 code
 * and therefore, elected the GPL Version 2 license, then the option applies
 * only if the new code is made subject to such option by the copyright
 * holder.


import com.sun.istack.NotNull;

 * Allow the container (primarily Glassfish) to inject
 * their own pipes into the client pipeline.
 * <p>
 * This interface has a rather ad-hoc set of methods, because
 * we didn't want to define an autonomous pipe-assembly process.
 * (We thought this is a smaller evil compared to that.)
 * <p>
 * JAX-WS obtains this through {@link}.
 * @author Jitendra Kotamraju
public abstract class ClientPipelineHook {

     * Called during the pipeline construction process once to allow a container
     * to register a pipe for security.
     * This pipe will be injected to a point very close to the transport, allowing
     * it to do some security operations.
     * @param ctxt
     *      Represents abstraction of SEI, WSDL abstraction etc. Context can be used
     *      whether add a new pipe to the head or not.
     * @param tail
     *      Head of the partially constructed pipeline. If the implementation
     *      wishes to add new pipes, it should do so by extending
     *      {@link} and making sure that this {@link}
     *      eventually processes messages.
     * @return
     *      The default implementation just returns <tt>tail</tt>, which means
     *      no additional pipe is inserted. If the implementation adds
     *      new pipes, return the new head pipe.
    public @NotNull Pipe createSecurityPipe(ClientPipeAssemblerContext ctxt, @NotNull Pipe tail) {
        return tail;
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