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/* Soot - a J*va Optimization Framework
 * Copyright (C) 2003 Jerome Miecznikowski
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Lesser General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License along with this library; if not, write to the
 * Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
 * Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
   Nomair A. Naeem 08-FEB-2005
   This analysis class has become obselete.
   Use soot.dava.toolkits.base.AST.analysis which provides a Visitor Design

package soot.dava.toolkits.base.AST;

import soot.*;
import soot.jimple.*;

public class ASTWalker
    public ASTWalker( Singletons.Global g ) {}
    public static ASTWalker v() { return G.v().soot_dava_toolkits_base_AST_ASTWalker(); }
    public void walk_stmt( ASTAnalysis a, Stmt s)
  if (a.getAnalysisDepth() < ASTAnalysis.ANALYSE_STMTS)

  if (s instanceof DefinitionStmt) {
      DefinitionStmt ds = (DefinitionStmt) s;

      walk_value( a, ds.getRightOp());
      walk_value( a, ds.getLeftOp());
      a.analyseDefinitionStmt( ds);
  else if (s instanceof ReturnStmt) {
      ReturnStmt rs = (ReturnStmt) s;

      walk_value( a, rs.getOp());
      a.analyseReturnStmt( rs);
  else if (s instanceof InvokeStmt) {
      InvokeStmt is = (InvokeStmt) s;

      walk_value( a, is.getInvokeExpr());
      a.analyseInvokeStmt( is);
  else if (s instanceof ThrowStmt) {
      ThrowStmt ts = (ThrowStmt) s;

      walk_value( a, ts.getOp());
      a.analyseThrowStmt( ts);
      a.analyseStmt( s);

    public void walk_value( ASTAnalysis a, Value v)
  if (a.getAnalysisDepth() < ASTAnalysis.ANALYSE_VALUES)

  if (v instanceof Expr) {
      Expr e = (Expr) v;

      if (e instanceof BinopExpr) {
    BinopExpr be = (BinopExpr) e;
    walk_value( a, be.getOp1());
    walk_value( a, be.getOp2());
    a.analyseBinopExpr( be);
      else if (e instanceof UnopExpr) {
    UnopExpr ue = (UnopExpr) e;
    walk_value( a, ue.getOp());
    a.analyseUnopExpr( ue);
      else if (e instanceof CastExpr) {
    CastExpr ce = (CastExpr)e;

    walk_value(a, ce.getOp());
      else if (e instanceof NewArrayExpr) {
    NewArrayExpr nae = (NewArrayExpr) e;
    walk_value( a, nae.getSize());
    a.analyseNewArrayExpr( nae);
      else if (e instanceof NewMultiArrayExpr) {
    NewMultiArrayExpr nmae = (NewMultiArrayExpr) e;
    for (int i=0; i<nmae.getSizeCount(); i++)
        walk_value( a, nmae.getSize( i));
    a.analyseNewMultiArrayExpr( nmae);
      else if (e instanceof InstanceOfExpr) {
    InstanceOfExpr ioe = (InstanceOfExpr) e;
    walk_value( a, ioe.getOp());
    a.analyseInstanceOfExpr( ioe);
      else if (e instanceof InvokeExpr) {
    InvokeExpr ie = (InvokeExpr) e;
    for (int i=0; i<ie.getArgCount(); i++) 
        walk_value( a, ie.getArg( i));
    if (ie instanceof InstanceInvokeExpr) {
        InstanceInvokeExpr iie = (InstanceInvokeExpr) ie;
        walk_value( a, iie.getBase());
        a.analyseInstanceInvokeExpr( iie);
        a.analyseInvokeExpr( ie);
    a.analyseExpr( e);
  else if (v instanceof Ref) {
      Ref r = (Ref) v;

      if (r instanceof ArrayRef) {
    ArrayRef ar = (ArrayRef) r;
    walk_value( a, ar.getBase());
    walk_value( a, ar.getIndex());
    a.analyseArrayRef( ar);
      else if (r instanceof InstanceFieldRef) {
    InstanceFieldRef ifr = (InstanceFieldRef) r;
    walk_value( a, ifr.getBase());
    a.analyseInstanceFieldRef( ifr);
    a.analyseRef( r);
      a.analyseValue( v);
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