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package net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.factory;

import java.util.Map;

import net.sf.jdec.core.JvmOpCodes;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Baload;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Bipush;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Caload;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Checkcast;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.D2I;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.F2I;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.I2B;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.I2C;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.I2D;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.I2F;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.I2L;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.I2S;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.IConst_0;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.IConst_1;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.IConst_2;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.IConst_3;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.IConst_4;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.IConst_5;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.IInstructionCommandHolder;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.ILoad;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.ILoad_0;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.ILoad_1;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.ILoad_2;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.ILoad_3;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Iadd;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Iaload;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Iand;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.IconstM1;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Idiv;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Iinc;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Imul;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Ineg;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.InstanceOf;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Ior;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Irem;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Ishl;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Ishr;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Isub;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Iushr;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Ixor;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.L2I;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Saload;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.commandholders.Sipush;
import net.sf.jdec.jvminstructions.util.InstrConstants;

 * Copyright (c) 2006,07 Swaroop Belur
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301, USA.
public class IntegerLoadInstructionFactory implements IInstructionFactory {

  public IInstructionCommandHolder newInstance(Map parameters) {

    Integer temp = (Integer) parameters.get(InstrConstants.OPCODE_TYPE);
    if (temp == null) {
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("Opcode type cannot be null");

    int opcodevalue = temp.intValue();
    switch (opcodevalue) {

    case JvmOpCodes.I2B: {
      return new I2B();
    case JvmOpCodes.I2C: {
      return new I2C();
    case JvmOpCodes.I2D: {
      return new I2D();
    case JvmOpCodes.I2F: {
      return new I2F();
    case JvmOpCodes.I2L: {
      return new I2L();
    case JvmOpCodes.I2S: {
      return new I2S();
    case JvmOpCodes.IADD: {
      return new Iadd();
    case JvmOpCodes.IALOAD: {
      return new Iaload();
    case JvmOpCodes.IAND: {
      return new Iand();
    case JvmOpCodes.ICONST_0: {
      return new IConst_0();
    case JvmOpCodes.ICONST_1: {
      return new IConst_1();
    case JvmOpCodes.ICONST_2: {
      return new IConst_2();
    case JvmOpCodes.ICONST_3: {
      return new IConst_3();
    case JvmOpCodes.ICONST_4: {
      return new IConst_4();
    case JvmOpCodes.ICONST_5: {
      return new IConst_5();
    case JvmOpCodes.ICONST_M1: {
      return new IconstM1();
    case JvmOpCodes.IDIV: {
      return new Idiv();
    case JvmOpCodes.IINC: {
      return new Iinc();
    case JvmOpCodes.ILOAD: {
      return new ILoad();
    case JvmOpCodes.ILOAD_0: {
      return new ILoad_0();
    case JvmOpCodes.ILOAD_1: {
      return new ILoad_1();
    case JvmOpCodes.ILOAD_2: {
      return new ILoad_2();
    case JvmOpCodes.ILOAD_3: {
      return new ILoad_3();
    case JvmOpCodes.IMUL: {
      return new Imul();
    case JvmOpCodes.INEG: {
      return new Ineg();
    case JvmOpCodes.INSTANCEOF: {
      return new InstanceOf();
    case JvmOpCodes.IOR: {
      return new Ior();
    case JvmOpCodes.IREM: {
      return new Irem();
    case JvmOpCodes.ISHL: {
      return new Ishl();
    case JvmOpCodes.ISHR: {
      return new Ishr();
    case JvmOpCodes.ISUB: {
      return new Isub();
    case JvmOpCodes.IUSHR: {
      return new Iushr();
    case JvmOpCodes.IXOR: {
      return new Ixor();
    case JvmOpCodes.BALOAD:
      return new Baload();
    case JvmOpCodes.BIPUSH:
      return new Bipush();
    case JvmOpCodes.CALOAD:
      return new Caload();
    case JvmOpCodes.CHECKCAST:
      return new Checkcast();  

    case JvmOpCodes.D2I:
      return new D2I();
    case JvmOpCodes.F2I:
      return new F2I();

    case JvmOpCodes.SALOAD: {
      return new Saload();
    case JvmOpCodes.SIPUSH:{
      return new Sipush();
    case JvmOpCodes.L2I:
      return new L2I();
      throw new IllegalArgumentException(
          "Input argument opcodetype did not match any valid jvminstruction values");


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