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package games.stendhal.server.maps.semos.city;

import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
import static org.junit.Assert.assertTrue;
import static utilities.SpeakerNPCTestHelper.getReply;
import utilities.PlayerTestHelper;

import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.LinkedHashMap;

import marauroa.server.game.db.DatabaseFactory;

import org.junit.Before;
import org.junit.BeforeClass;
import org.junit.Test;

import games.stendhal.common.Grammar;
import games.stendhal.server.core.engine.SingletonRepository;
import games.stendhal.server.core.engine.StendhalRPZone;
import games.stendhal.server.entity.npc.ShopList;
import games.stendhal.server.entity.npc.SpeakerNPC;
import games.stendhal.server.entity.npc.fsm.Engine;
import games.stendhal.server.entity.player.Player;
import games.stendhal.server.maps.MockStendlRPWorld;
import games.stendhal.server.maps.semos.city.HealerNPC;

public class HealerNPCTest {
  private final HealerNPC healer = new HealerNPC();
    private static SpeakerNPC npc;
  private Player player;
  private Engine en;
  private ShopList sl;
  private LinkedHashMap<String, Integer> slh;
  public static void setUpBeforeClass() throws Exception {
    npc = new SpeakerNPC("Carmen");
    new DatabaseFactory().initializeDatabase();
  public void setUp() {
    en = npc.getEngine();
    StendhalRPZone srpz = new StendhalRPZone("int_semos_guard_house",100,100);
    player = PlayerTestHelper.createPlayer("bob");
    player.teleport(srpz, 10, 10, null, null);
    sl = ShopList.get();
        slh = (LinkedHashMap<String, Integer>) sl.get("healing");
  public void createDialogTest() {
    assertTrue(en.step(player, "hi"));
    assertEquals("Hi, if I can #help, just say.", getReply(npc));
    assertTrue(en.step(player, "job"));
        assertEquals("My special powers help me to heal wounded people. I also sell potions and antidotes.", getReply(npc));
        assertTrue(en.step(player, "help"));
        assertEquals("I can #heal you here for free, or you can take one of my prepared medicines with you on your travels; just ask for an #offer.", getReply(npc));

        final Collection<String> items = slh.keySet();
        final String key = items.iterator().next();
        final int price = slh.get(key);
        assertTrue(en.step(player, "offer"));       
        assertEquals("I sell "+ Grammar.enumerateCollection(items)
        + ". "+"I can #heal you.", getReply(npc));
        PlayerTestHelper.equipWithMoney(player, price);
        assertTrue(en.step(player, "heal"));
        assertEquals("There, you are healed. How else may I help you?", getReply(npc));
        assertTrue(en.step(player, "buy "+key));      
        final StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder("");
    builder.append(Grammar.makeUpperCaseWord(Grammar.quantityplnoun(1, key)));  
      builder.append(" will cost ");
      builder.append(". Do you want to buy it?");      
        assertEquals(builder.toString(), getReply(npc));        
        assertTrue(en.step(player, "no"));
        assertEquals("Ok, how else may I help you?", getReply(npc));
        assertTrue(en.step(player, "!me hugs Carmen"));
    assertEquals("!me hugs bob", getReply(npc));
    assertTrue(en.step(player, "bye"));
    assertEquals("Bye.", getReply(npc));    
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