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 * JBox2D - A Java Port of Erin Catto's Box2D
 * JBox2D homepage: 
 * Box2D homepage:
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package org.jbox2d.dynamics;

import org.jbox2d.collision.Shape;

// Updated to rev 143 of b2WorldCallbacks.h/cpp
// See also

 * Implement this class to provide collision filtering. In other words, you can implement
 * this class if you want finer control over contact creation.
public interface ContactFilter {
   * Default contact filter, using groupIndex, maskBits and categoryBits as detailed
   * in Box2d manual.
  public static final ContactFilter DEFAULT_FILTER = new DefaultContactFilter();

   * Return true if contact calculations should be performed between these two shapes.
   * <BR><BR><em>Warning</em>: for performance reasons this is only called when the AABBs begin to overlap.
  public boolean shouldCollide(Shape shape1, Shape shape2);
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