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package org.netbeans.lib.lexer.token;

import org.netbeans.api.lexer.TokenId;
import org.netbeans.lib.lexer.TokenList;

 * Token with an explicit text - either serving as a custom text token
 * or a flyweight token.
 * <br/>
 * The represented text can differ from the original content
 * of the recognized text input portion.
 * <br/>
 * Token with the custom text cannot be branched by a language embedding.
 * <p>
 * The text token can act as a flyweight token by calling
 * {@link AbstractToken.makeFlyweight()}. In such case a single token
 * instance is shared for all the occurrences of the token.
 * <br/>
 * The rawOffset is -1 and tokenList reference is null.
 * </p>
 * @author Miloslav Metelka
 * @version 1.00

public class TextToken<T extends TokenId> extends AbstractToken<T> {
    private final CharSequence text; // 24 bytes (20-super + 4)

     * Create text token. The token's text
     * is expected to correspond to the recognized input portion
     * (i.e. the text is not custom).
     * <br/>
     * The token can be made flyweight by using <code>setRawOffset(-1)</code>.
     * @param id non-null identification of the token.
     * @param text non-null text of the token.
    public TextToken(T id, CharSequence text) {
        assert (text != null);
        this.text = text;
    private TextToken(T id, TokenList<T> tokenList, int rawOffset, CharSequence text) {
        super(id, tokenList, rawOffset);
        assert (text != null);
        this.text = text;

    public final int length() {
        return text.length();

    public final CharSequence text() {
        return text;
    public final TextToken<T> createCopy(TokenList<T> tokenList, int rawOffset) {
        return new TextToken<T>(id(), tokenList, rawOffset, text());
    protected String dumpInfoTokenType() {
        return isFlyweight() ? "FlyT" : "TexT"; // NOI18N "TextToken" or "FlyToken"

    public String toString() {
        return text.toString();

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