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package org.jboss.cache.pojo.memory;

import java.lang.reflect.Constructor;

 * This class is not used by JBossSerialization itself, as the constructor used is slightly different (GhostConstructor), but I kept the implementation here as a reference for others.
 * @author Clebert Suconic
public class ConstructorPersistentReference extends ArgumentPersistentReference

   public ConstructorPersistentReference(Class clazz, Object referencedObject, int referenceType)
      super(clazz, referencedObject, referenceType);
      this.setArguments(((Constructor) referencedObject).getParameterTypes());

   public synchronized Object rebuildReference() throws Exception
      // A reference to guarantee the value is not being GCed during while the value is being rebuilt
      Object returnValue = null;
      if ((returnValue = internalGet()) != null) return returnValue;

      Constructor constructor = getMappedClass().getConstructor(getArguments());
      return constructor;

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