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import java.util.Set;

import net.kodeninja.util.KNModule;
import net.kodeninja.util.MimeType;

public interface StorageModule extends KNModule {

  public void hookMediaUpdate(MediaUpdateHook hook);
  public void unhookMediaUpdate(MediaUpdateHook hook);
  public void startUpdate();
  public void finishUpdate();
  public Set<MediaItem> getAllMedia();
  public int mediaCount();
  public Set<MediaItem> getMediaMatching(MimeType type);
  public Set<MediaItem> getMediaMatching(MetadataType type, String value);
  public boolean mediaExists(URI uri);
  public MediaItem addNewMedia(URI uri, MimeType type);
  public boolean removeMedia(MediaItem item);
  public MimeType getMimeType(MediaItem item);
  public Set<String> getMetadataValues(MetadataType type);
  public void addMediaMetadata(MediaItem item, MetadataType type, String value);
  public boolean removeMediaMetadata(MediaItem item, MetadataType type, String value);
  public Set<MediaCollection> getAllCollections();
  public int collectionCount();
  public void addCollection(MediaCollection collection);
  public boolean removeCollection(MediaCollection collection);
  public void setupCollection(MediaCollection collection);
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