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package com.coldcore.coloradoftp.command;

import com.coldcore.coloradoftp.connection.ControlConnection;

 * User command.
 * This class is executed by a command processor and returns a reply which
 * if then send back to user.
 * In general there should be a separate implementation for every FTP command,
 * so every implementation knows how to handle one (and only one) FTP command.
 * This way commands can be easily replaced later.
 * Control connection can enter an INTERRUPT state. In INTERRUPT state user must
 * wait for a server reply and is not allowed to send anything in but the INTERRUPT
 * commands. As a result, there are two types of FTP commands: one will be processed
 * during the INTERRUPT state and the other will be dropped when a control connection
 * is in that state.
 * Some FTP commands put control connection into the INTERRUPT state which is then
 * cleared when the connection sends a reply. Such reply must refer to a command which
 * is allowed to clear the state or does not have a reference to a command.
 * There is a certain set of commands that must be processed during the INTERRUPT state:
 * And usually only one command is allowed to clear that state: ABOR.
 * The rest of FTP commands should not bother with INTERRUPT state.
 * ColoradoFTP - The Open Source FTP Server (
public interface Command {

  /** Test if this is command must be processed while a connection is in the INTERRUPT state
   * @return TRUE is it can be, FALSE otherwise
  public boolean processInInterruptState();

  /** Test if reply to this command must clear INTERRUPT state of a connection
   * @return TRUE is it can, FALSE otherwise
  public boolean canClearInterruptState();

  /** Get name of the command
   * @return Command name
  public String getName();

  /** Set name of the command
   * @param name Command name
  public void setName(String name);

  /** Get parameter of the command
   * @return Command parameter
  public String getParameter();

  /** Set parameter of the command
   * @param parameter Command parameter
  public void setParameter(String parameter);

  /** Execute the command
   * @return Reply to the command
  public Reply execute();

  /** Execute the command as part of the parent command (e.g. FEAT/HELP/OPTS)
   * @param parent Parent command
   * @return Reply to the command or NULL to allow the parent to provide the default reply
  public Reply executeOnParent(Command parent);

  /** Set control connection that submitted this command
   * @param connection Connection
  public void setConnection(ControlConnection connection);

  /** Get control connection that submitted this command
   * @return Connection
  public ControlConnection getConnection();
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