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This package contains the <a href="">Cougaar</a>
agent base class and bootstrapping components.
The top-level JVM {@link org.cougaar.core.node.Node} loads the
{@link org.cougaar.core.agent.AgentManager}, which will contain all
the agents on the JVM.  The AgentManager loads the configuration
service ({@link org.cougaar.core.node.ComponentInitializerService})
and the node agent {@link org.cougaar.core.agent.AgentImpl}, which is
an agent named after the "" system property.
Like all agents, the node agent's AgentImpl loads a single {@link
org.cougaar.core.agent.Bootstrap} component that specifies
the agent's initial component list.  The bootstrap loads the minimal
number of components necessary to read the XML configuration file
and/or persistence snapshot, which will fill in the full agent
configuration.  The node agent's {@link
org.cougaar.core.node.AgentLoader} then instructs the AgentManager
to load the other agents that should run on the node.
Many of the components in this package are not required by the
bootstrap but are used in the standard agent XML/XSL template
($CIP/configs/common/SimpleAgent.xsl) to load basic services.
For example, the {@link org.cougaar.core.agent.MessageSwitch}
component is used to provide a common message transport service
interface for components within the agent.
Also note that many of the components and services in this package
act as "glue" to coordinate agent bootstrapping and mobility.
For example, the {@link org.cougaar.core.agent.MessageSwitch}
component is loaded early to allow other agent components to register
{@link org.cougaar.core.agent.service.MessageSwitchService} handlers,
such as the blackboard's {@link org.cougaar.core.agent.QueueHandler}.
However, message delivery must wait until all components have
loaded and had a chance to register their handlers, otherwise these
early messages will be dropped.  The MessageSwitch advertises a
"glue" {@link org.cougaar.core.agent.MessageSwitchUnpendService}
with an "unpendMessages()" method that will release the queued
messages.  A trivial {@link
org.cougaar.core.agent.MessageSwitchUnpend} component is loaded
late in the agent, after all the other components have been loaded,
just to invoke the "unpendMessages()" method at the right time.
For more detail, see the
<a href="">Cougaar Developers' Guide</a>.
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