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  • Algorithms
    An implementation of various Algorithms in Java. Based on the book Algorithms,4th edition by Sedgewick and Wayne. Do not use for production only. May contain bugs.
  • AlgorithmsSedgewick
    Code from the book "Algorithms" (4th ed.) by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne (original, and my solutions to exercises).
  • atal
    Implementations of data structures and algorithms to to help teachers. All based in the famous Cormen's book 'Introduction to Algorithms'.
  • Book MarkCrawler 1
    A version of the web crawler from algorithms of the intelligent web. Adapted to extract specific sections from pages.
  • codebreaker java
    Java implementation of codebreaker marking algorithm from The RSpec Book.
  • CP Data Structures Algorithms
    Data Structures & Algorithms From Competitive Programming Book.
  • Search
    [Search] is a Java based framework for problem solving through searching. It's inspired by the lecture 'Grundlagen der k?nstlichen Intelligenz' and is based on algorithms introduced in the Book 'Artificial Intelligence A modern Approach' by Stuart J. Russell, Peter Norvig et al.
  • yooreeka
    This is a clone of the code of the Yooreka project (code used in the book Algorithms of the Intelligent Web, Manning ) with minor modifications to make it easier to setup on non Windows platforms.

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