List of Free code Framework Collection


  • clustered collections
    Clusterable implementation of the java collections framework.
  • flixel gdx examples
    A collection of demos and examples for the flixel gdx framework.
  • gs collections
    A supplement or replacement for the Java Collections Framework.
  • Java Resources
    A collection of tools and frameworks for use in other java projects.
  • Java Tree
    This project aims to provide an extensible Tree interface to supplement the Java Collections framework , making full use of Java 5 generics. At least one reference implementation will be provided as part of the scope of this project.
  • jplate
    Collection of reusable frameworks , tools, utilities and Java source code.
  • seamless
    Collection of utilities and framework code for Java /GWT/XML/CDI.
  • Smart Collections
    Smart decorators for the Java Collection framework.

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