List of Free code Framework LightWeight


  • acteur
    A framework for writing lightweight, scalable servers with Guice and Netty.
  • aspectwerkz
    Simple, dynamic, lightweight and high performant AOP framework for Java.
  • Burrito
    Burrito is a lightweight content management framework (CMF) built in Java.
  • iskandar
    Iskandar is a lightweight framework for creating loosely coupled and highly testable applications in Java.
  • Java Abra
    A lightweight Java persistance/ORM mapping framework. Developed in early 2000 2001.
  • jgum
    A lightweight categorization framework for Java.
  • libcrunch
    A lightweight mapping framework that maps data objects to a number of nodes, subject to constraints.
    LINK framework for Java 1.7. LINK is an experimental lightweight framework which aims to increase the likelyhood of producing correct applications. This is achieved by forming computation chains, inspired by Floyd Hoare and Propositional Logic, in which.
  • microjiac examples public
    Examples for the Lightweight Java based Agent Framework.
  • microjiac public
    Lightweight Java based Agent Framework.
  • RapidBeans
    A lightweight OO modelling framework for Java applications.
  • Sonata
    Lightweight Java framework for interconnecting components with NO coupling.
  • statelet
    lightweight Java state machine framework.
  • validator4j
    Simple and lightweight validation framework for Java.

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