List of Free code Framework Server


  • adaptrex framework
    Java Server Components for ExtJS and Sencha Touch.
  • crypto client ifc
    This project contains the non interference check for the client server encryption example in the paper "A Framework for the Cryptographic Verification of Java like Programs" at CSF 2012.
  • emporer
    Java non blocking server framework.
  • extreme startup servers
    Extreme Startup skeleton server implementations in various frameworks and languages.
  • gdapi java server
    Java Server API Framework for the GDAPI spec.
  • hotpotato
    Hotpotato is a Java based distributed processing client server framework.
  • J9P
    Java framework for 9P/Styx virtual namespace servers.
  • jenjin
    The Jenjin is a Client Server framework designed for MMORPGs.
  • net framework
    A simple server framework for java.
  • nettosphere
    A Java WebSocket/HTTP server based on the Atmosphere and Netty Framework.
  • tcp servant
    Java framework for creating tcp servers.
  • Turk Server
    multi user experiment framework for online virtual labs.

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