List of Free code Color


  • 256 colors
    xterm color 256 color PS1 generator with a nice user interface.
  • 4bit
    Terminal Color Scheme Designer.
  • AG.DFS.Portal. Layout Designer
    This utility is a web based interface that helps you select the colour scheme for a DFS Portal's layout.
  • ansi styles
    ANSI escape codes for colorizing strings in the terminal Node.js module.
  • bigboardmosaic
    Size matters: Pages are represented as blocks, the larger the block, the greater its share of traffic. Color denotes dominant traffic source (Newsbeat sites only).
  • bitcoinjs color
    tool to check colored bitcoin on bitcoinjs.
  • Brunch colors
    A simple but addictive color matching game.
  • buildtwitcher
    Build monitor for Hudson build system. Dragging and dropping a URL onto the build twitcher app window will make buildtwitcher poll that URL for build success and failure messages. Passing builds colour the window green, failing ones colour it red.
  • cammmera
    get photo 's colors.
  • Change Colors
    Google Chrome extension to override a page css styles.
  • chroma
    Color manipulation with javascript.
  • chromath
    JavaScript color conversion and manipulation functions.
  • cli color
    Colors and formatting for the console.
  • collectioncolours
    streamgraph of the colours of art.
  • color 64
    Color 64 BBS web clone.
  • Color Calendar
    A simple and easy calendar that lets you easily see what you.
  • color chaos
    A simple experiment created with AngularJS and Firebase.
  • color chooser field
    A custom Symphony CMS field extension for choosing colors.
  • Color Code Lineup
    A tool for picking colors to use for colorcoding schemes.
  • color console
    Print colorful text in console.
  • color cycle
    A demo component using TJ Holowaychuk's "component" framework.
  • color Dictionary
    Japanese and worldwide colors.
  • Color Finder
    This is extension for Chrome. It let you easily find color value in hex, rgb and hsl with it's name.
  • Color Fish
    Cyber Sprocket's Color Fish project.
  • color grep
    An easy to use tool to capture pixel color using only client side technology.
  • color groups
    coding test for obvious corporation interview.
  • color icons for gmail
    This userscript will replace the black and white icons in GMail.
  • color KEGG pathways
    Command line utility to color objects of a KEGG pathway with arbitrary colors.
  • color magic
    A chrome extension for changing the background and foreground colors of web pages.
  • color match
    A simple Angular app that makes it easy to coordinate outfits.
  • color parser demo
    Demo Sinatra App for the Color Parser gem.
  • Color Paths
    An opensource HTML puzzle game inspired by Flow ( free/id526641427?mt=8).
  • Color Pick
    Provides Color Picking Eye Dropper for Google Chrome.
  • color remote
    Remote control of an RGB LED.
  • color scheme builder
    build your own color scheme for syntax highliters.
  • color sequencing
    Color sequencing dialog in YUI.
  • Color Share
    gateway based distributed sharing system.
  • Color Soft
    Nothing to see here.
  • Color StashMini
    A devtools playground for talks.
  • color themes for google code prettify
    Syntax highlighting color themes for Google Code Prettify.
  • color themes for highlightjs
    Syntax highlighting color themes for highlight.js.
  • color toner
    View your color tone schemes implemented by Brehaut's color.js.
  • color translator
    A little javascript thing to translate text into colors.
  • Color Vision
    Color blindeness measurement system.
  • colorblendy
    Blend colors with different modes like multiply, overlay, dodge.
  • colorchoice
    A web page for choosing background and foreground colors.
  • colored balls 1
    simple processing test with some collision detection.
  • colorfiddle
    Changes all your css colors using a HSL interface.
  • colorful
    colorful environment for command line tools in node.
  • colorful lines tornado
    Port of Eli Bendersky's colorful lines application to tornado web server.
  • colorhead
    Color Head sample code developed in Peepcode Play by Play on Node.js.
  • colorizer
    Tech for colorizing Skyrates style avatars.
  • colormapping
    What is this color name?.
  • colormix
    JavaScript Color mixer and manipulation tool.
  • colornames
    Map color names to HEX color values.
  • colorpalettes
    CSS Colors and Complexity Web App.
  • colors common
    The Colors Common component is a collection of constants and helper functions for dealing with user colors and is used in various GoInstant widgets.
  • colorswab
    Adjusts base colors to generate lighter and darker swabs.
  • colortools
    A simple, presentation on various color tools.
  • colorvis
    interactive color selector build on top of Chroma.js.
  • Cpp Coloring js
    Regular expression based C++ syntax coloring, implemented with Javascript.
  • css 3 gradient generator
    A granular, cross browser, CSS 3 color gradient generator.
  • css color extractor
    A CSS parser for nodejs that extracts declarations that contain color information and return that information in formatted CSS.
  • css Sandpaper
    a CSS 3 Polyfill that implements CSS 3 transforms, box shadow, gradients, opacity and RGBA/HSL/HSLA colours in browser that don't support them.
  • d3 .chart.horizontal legend
    A d3.chart based horizontal legend that takes a d3 color scale and returns a legend.
  • dahlia
    color metrics on dahlia flowers.
  • dcolor
    AMD based color model utilities.
  • doodle
    Convert HTML table cell colors to png.
  • dynamic colors
    JQuery extension to dynamically adjust colors on a page: for experimenting, skinning and effects.
  • eCSStender. CSS3 color.js
    An implementation of the CSS3 Color module using eCSStender.
  • emacs theme editor
    Project forked from color theme creator/.
  • ep author neat
    Use colored underline for authorship instead of background color.
  • eslevels demo
    JavaScript scope coloring based on esprima toolbox.
  • flickrbackground
    View flickr photos on any color/magic background, or full browser width.
  • franz
    Client side color swatches.
  • fuzelog
    A super simple node.js logger with colors, layouts and sprintf like format descriptors.
  • Game Boy Online
    A Game Boy Color emulator written in JavaScript.
  • Gnome Shell Notifications Alert
    Whenever there is an unread notification (e.g. chat messages), blinks the message in the user's menu with a color chosen by the user.
  • GoogleMapsColorizr
    Generates HSL colors for the Google Maps API 3.
  • Grid Mapper Node
    Map reports from first responders on a color coded grid overlay. Site includes a public facing site and a grid editor with login required. Replaces Grid Mapper.
  • grunt cat
    Echo a file to the terminal. Works with text, figlets, ascii art, and full color ansi.
  • hermit
    Prints html in the terminal using colors and simple layout to reflect the document structure.
  • hexplus
    hex and color lookup by url.
  • HSLider
    Color Slider Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard.
  • interpolate color
    A simple color interpolator component.
  • irc colors.js
    Color and formatting for irc bots made easy. Inspired by colors.js and cli color.
  • is hex color
    Check whether a string is a hex color.
  • is hsl color
    Loosely check whether a string is an HSL(A) color string.
  • is rgb color
    Loosely check whether a string is an RGB(A) color string.
  • j Color Clock
    A color changing clock written in JavaScript.
  • jQuery Color Range
    Use color ranges on a set of elements.
  • jquery colorpickersliders
    An advanced color selector with support for human perceived lightness.
  • jquery colors
    jQuery.colors helps developers manage colors through a simple, chainable color object.
  • jquery.rolly
    text and color rotater with jquery.
  • JSBoy
    Javascript Gameboy Color Emulator.
  • jsgouache
    JsGouache aims to offer a tool for javascript developers to manipulate colors within various color spaces while raising awareness for different types of color deficiencies.
  • jssc
    JavaScriptSyntax Color (Syntax highlighter).
  • komodo colortab
    Color Tab allows to color Komodo view tabs by user defined path patterns.
  • linemarker
    Line Marker, Adds a new menu "Line Marker" to the context menu. It changes color of selection.
  • linewrap
    Word wrapping with HTML, ANSI color code, indentation and paragraphing support.
  • link checker
    A Ruby gem for checking the links in a web site. Can either scan files or crawl pages. Multi threaded, with red/green colored output, support for SSL, and support for following redirects. Works great with Octopress, Jekyll, or any collection of static HTML files. With 100% RSpec coverage.
  • litebrite
    Arduino code for controlling the GE Color Effects Christmas lights.
  • little color
    node.js server for little color weekend project.
  • logging
    Super sexy & simple node.js color console logging. Shows source file and function.
  • mta colors
    CSS & JSON files to help developers use the official colors of New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
  • netbeans colors solarized
    Solarized Dark color scheme, implemented for NetBeans.
  • node colorcode
    pattern based CLI coloring.
  • node ninja led
    Color wheel to control your Ninja Block's LED written on Express.
  • Node.js Ultra REPL
    Starting with Node's built in REPL, add in a completely redone inspect formatter, actual functioning separate V8 contexts, keybindings to create, switch, and delete between them, combine it with a bunch of color. ULTRA REPL.
  • nodejs christmas lights
    Control GE Color Effects christmas lights over the web with Node.js and Arduino.
  • one color
    An OO based JavaScript color parser/computation toolkit with support for RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK, and alpha channels. Conversion between color spaces occurs implicitly, and all methods return new objects rather than mutating existing instances. Works in the browser and node.js.
  • Photoshopr
    Photoshop script that converts layer effects to CSS string in one click. It supports shadows, glows, gradient & color overlay, stroke, text shadow & text color and other.
  • pixoot
    A pixel generating web app. Makes 1x1 pixel pngs of any hex color and transparency.
  • Pri Color
    take six main color from a picture.
  • PyroCMS Colour Previewer
    This is a widget created for PyroCMS that allows the site owner to create a color menu for the top of their website, this will be used for changing colours of on the page to generate a preview before the colours are put into permeant use.
  • rainbow dash
    Very fast color interpolation in Javascript.
  • rcalc
    A simple yet cool resistance color code calculator.
  • readable javascript
    Opera extension to colorize and auto format JavaScripts.
  • ruby clever pastie
    Paste website with automatic color highlighting. The useful brother of
  • scss blend modes
    Using standard color blending functions in SASS.
  • social hotness
    Find hot spots on social sites and highlight the spots with different shades of color (a chrome extension).
  • Stylus Color
    A Stylus (the css engine) color management tool.
  • svgplayground
    Playing around with Dart and SVG, to provide a simple interface to generate fe Color Matrix elements.
  • Swarm Color
    Javascript real time whiteboard application using the Swarm, a messaging platform.
  • swatcheroo
    A tool to create Inkscape / GIMP color swatches.
  • swf build decay chronograph
    Shows the time elapsed since a SWF was built and a color of how 'fresh' it is. Thought up on a roof with Leo Meyerovich.
  • tapper
    Tapper (tapr) is a node.js tap runner which improves formatting and allows stdout and stderr mixed in with the tap output. Also optionally adds color to the output.
  • template color switcher
    Template Color Switcher is a basic system that will offer your visitors the posiblity to change the look of your website, just the color for now.
  • Term Color Builder
    Webpage to quickly generate terminal escape sentenses in human like manner.
  • termscheme
    Build a color scheme for your terminal.
  • tmTheme Editor
    Color scheme editor for SublimeText, Textmate and a bunch of other text editors.
  • toodledo highlighter
    toodledo highlighter is Google Chrome extension that shows fields with user defined colors and improves layout.
  • tracking.js
    The tracking.js brings to web elements tracking techniques of a real scene captured by the camera, through natural interactions from object tracking, color markers, among others, allowing the development of interfaces and games through a simple and intuitive API.
  • transmaker
    Rewrite the selection in translation (links and text color , size is kept).
  • trollface
    Trollface. ?hoose your color and convert to.jpg.
  • ts1ce
    The Sass 1 Color Experiment.
  • Undertone
    color camo for sms and email messages.
  • user colors
    The GoInstant User Colors widget allows you to assign a unique color to each user in a room.
  • voxel colorist
    Colour grading post processing shader for voxel.js.
  • webget ruby colorful ? Ruby ? Color utilities and settings.
  • What Color
    Experimental Chrome extension that adds (and removes) a script from a third party page whenever the chrome extension button is clicked.
  • WME Color Highlights
    Safari Extension adaptation of timbones' WME Color Highlights userscript.
  • wp colors
    Selection of color swatches from Adobe Kuler.

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