List of Free code Color Plugin


  • AlohaPlugins
    FontSize, FontFamily and Color Selector plugins updated for Aloha 0.22.
  • flippy
    Flippy is a cross browser flip effect plugin for jQuery which allows you to flip whatever html element you want. It now supports rgba colors.
  • jquery color
    jQuery plugin for color manipulation and animation support.
  • jquery colors pickers hsl
    Two color pickers have been developed upon the jQuery.colors plugin using the HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) color model.
  • jquery colorscroll
    jQuery plugin that changes the background color on scroll.
  • jquery colorwheel
    Resizable and scalable color wheel ( color chooser) plugin for jQuery.
  • puts text color
    JQuery plugin to hint your message input and modify the color using css.
  • splatter
    jQuery plugin which creates a bunch of asterisks of random size and color ? which hopfully look cool.
  • WP Colored Coding
    A simple per post code snipet managing Wordpress plugin wich can use rainbow.js for syntax highlighting.

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