List of Free code Node.JS API


  • api example express
    A Node.js/Express app built on 23andMe's API, checking an ACVR1B mutation for higher muscle strength.
  • arc2osm
    A Node.js app that synchronizes data between one or more ArcGIS Server feature services and an OpenStreetMap database , using the Places of Interest API.
  • aws lib
    Extensible Node.js library for the Amazon Web Services API.
  • aws swf
    Node.js helpers to access the Amazon SWF API.
  • aws2js
    AWS (Amazon Web Services) APIs client implementation for node.js.
  • balanced node
    Balanced API library in node.js.
  • betfair
    New Betfair JSON API for node.js.
  • betfair sports api
    Betfair Sports API for Node.js.
  • blitz node
    Node.js API client for Blitz.
  • buddycloud http api
    The buddycloud API server written in Node.js.
  • client nodejs
    Pipedrive API client for NodeJS.
  • ContextIO node
    Official Node.js client library for the Context.IO Email API.
  • distribute
    Distribute is a middleware based API to expressively perform request routing / load balancing in Node.JS.
  • Domainr Node
    A dead simple way to utilize the Domainr JSON API's within a node.js application.
  • DOQ NodeJS API
    Database object query application programming interface for JavaScript using NodeJS.
  • esendex node sdk
    An unofficial NodeJS SDK for the Esendex API.
  • ev3 Nodejs bluetooth Api
    Control your Ev3 robot without hacking into intelligent brick (over bluetooth).
  • evernode
    Evernote node.js API make calls to the Evernote API from node.js.
  • flatwhite
    Node.js API only CMS for quick mobile applications.
  • flickrnode
    non blocking api for using Flickr with node.js.
  • freshbooks.js
    FreshBooks (unofficial) API wrapper library in node.js.
  • google calendar
    Google Calendar API connection in Node.js.
  • gopro
    API for controlling GoPro Hero 3 Camera from Node.js.
  • gzippo
    gzippo pronounced `g zippo` is a nodejs gzip middleware for Connect and express js using the new native node zlib api.
  • hello json logging
    An introduction to restify + bunyan for JSON logging in node.js API services.
  • httpinvoke
    A small, no dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node.js with a promise based or Node.js style callback based API to progress events, text and binary file upload and download, request and response headers, status code.
  • huddle node sdk
    Node.js SDK for Huddle's API.
  • hyperspider
    A declarative HATEOAS API crawler for node.js.
  • instagram node
    NodeJS driver for the instagram API.
    A NodeJS API client for
  • iTunes
    iTunes API implemented in Node.js.
  • jsDAV
    jsDAV allows you to easily add WebDAV support to a NodeJS application. jsDAV is meant to cover the entire standard, and attempts to allow integration using an easy to understand API.
  • Keen Client Node
    Official NodeJS client for the Keen IO API. Build analytics features directly into your NodeJS apps.
  • lin
    The LIN (LinkedIn Node) library provides access to LinkedIn's developer API's via node.js see Lin demo for a server side working example.
  • mcapi2 node examples
    Basic NodeJs examples using v2 of the MailChimp API.
  • mixpanel node
    A node.js API for mixpanel.
  • moviedb
    MovieDB API NodeJS Library.
  • NARF
    Narf is a framework for creating a basic Node.js Web Server with easy implementation of JSON APIs and serving of static pages.
  • naught
    zero downtime deployment for your node.js server using builtin cluster api.
  • node apac
    node apac Node.js client for the Amazon Product Advertising API , including support of Request Signatures.
  • node asana api
    A node.js client implementation for Asana API.
  • node beatport
    Beatport API client for Node.js.
  • node dbox
    NodeJS SDK for Dropbox API.
  • node ddg
    Node.js wrapper for the DuckDuckGo Instant Answers API.
  • node dropbox
    Node.js client for the dropbox API.
  • node dropbox sdk
    An alternative dropbox api for nodejs.
  • node dwolla
    Dwolla API client for node.js.
  • node ec2
    Evented Node.js bindings to the EC2 Query API.
  • node file api
    HTML5 File and FormData APIs for Node.JS.
  • node geeklist API wrapper for Node.js.
  • node google checkout
    A Google Checkout API implementation for node.js.
  • node googlemaps
    A simple way to query the Google Maps API from Node.js.
  • node hue api
    Node.js Library for interacting with the Philips Hue Bridge and Lights.
  • node ldapjs
    LDAP Client and Server API for node.js.
  • node mailchimp
    A node.js wrapper for the MailChimp API.
  • node nexmo
    Node.js API for nexmo SMS service.
  • node opensubtitles client
    node.js opensubtitles API & command line client.
  • node pdfcrowd
    A Node.js wrapper for the Pdfcrowd API.
  • node poc api server
    NodeJs Sample API Server with session manager using restify, passport and mongoose.
  • node posterous
    NodeJS package for the Posterous API.
  • node salesforce
    Salesforce API Connection Library for Node.js Applications.
  • node spritekit
    A node.js API for creating 2D games for iOS using SpriteKit.
  • node taobao
    node.js library for api.
  • node usps apis
    An sdk to the USPS APIs for node.js.
  • node web audio api
    Node.js implementation of Web audio API.
  • node webgl
    OpenGLES 2.0 bindings for nodeJS with a webGL API.
  • node worker
    An implementation of the WebWorker API for node.js.
  • node zendesk
    a zendesk API client library for use with node.js.
  • nodejs ebay api
    eBay API Client for Node.js.
  • nodejs express skeleton
    An example app for accessing the Singly API written in node.js.
  • nodemw
    MediaWiki API client written in node.js.
  • octo
    octo.js A small JavaScript library for GitHub's API that works in nodejs and the browser.
  • paymill js and NodeJS wrapper for PAYMILL API.
  • paymill node
    Node.JS wrapper for the Paymill v2 API.
  • percolator
    Percolator is a framework for quickly and easily building quality HTTP APIs in Node.js.
  • pinjs
    Pinjs is an node.js API client for Pin which is an Australian payment gateway.
  • qn
    Another [qiniu]( API client for Node.js.
  • rdio node
    An Rdio API Client Library for Node.js.
  • resty
    Build quick and simple RESTfull APIs using Node.js and connect.
  • shellyjs
    API server for node.js.
    Javascript library for interfacing with the API. Works in NodeJS and the browser.
  • stats
    JavaScript source statistics with simple API & CLI written with node.js.
  • stripe node
    Stripe API for node.js.
  • supertest
    Super agent driven library for testing node.js HTTP servers using a fluent API.
  • swagger js
    Javascript library to connect to swagger enabled APIs via browser or nodejs.
  • tumblrwks
    One node.js package lib talks to tumblr API v2 that really works.
  • twilio js
    The Twilio API and TwiML for node.js.
  • webfs
    Node.js FS API wrapper for the Web File System.
  • webpagetest api
    WebPageTest API wrapper for NodeJS.
  • xto
    Just an API for Node.js to query each express.

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