List of Free code Node.JS Library


  • affine
    2d geometry library for nodejs and javascript, including affine transformations and polygons.
  • Bifocals
    A node.js View library with support for asynchronous sub views (aka partials), and interchangeable rendering systems.
  • blanket
    blanket.js is a simple code coverage library for javascript. Designed to be easy to install and use, for both browser and nodejs.
  • blessed
    A curses like library for node.js.
  • boilerplates
    a collection of one line install node.js boilerplates for various popular libraries.
  • bramqp
    A radical amqp library for node.js.
  • celeri
    CLI library for node.js.
  • consolidate.js
    Template engine consolidation library for node.js.
  • continuous bench
    Continuous benchmark application for nodejs libraries. Built with D3 , Express, Stylus, Jade, Kue & Nib.
  • debug
    tiny node.js & browser debugging utility for your libraries and applications.
  • express device
    Browser detection library for node.js, built on top of express.
  • gauss
    JavaScript statistics, analytics, and data library Node.js and web browser ready.
  • gearman node
    Gearman libraries for Node.js.
  • generator core
    Core Node.js library for Adobe Photoshop CC's Generator extensibility layer.
  • gittyup
    application deployment library for node.js.
  • guessLanguage.js
    A JavaScript natural language detection library based on trigram statistical analysis for Node.js and the Web.
  • hoard
    node.js lib for storing time series data on disk, similar to RRD.
  • IRC js
    The best IRC library for node.js.
  • javascript fu
    a javascript martial arts library for node.js and the browser. destroy the bad parts with ninja like precision.
  • js must
    An assertion library for JavaScript and Node.js with a friendly BDD syntax ( It ships with many expressive matchers and is test runner and framework agnostic. Follows RFC 2119 with its use of MUST. Good stuff and well tested.
  • jsdt docs
    Some JSDoc files for Eclipse JSDT for popular libraries : underscore.js, Zepto, Node.js etc.
  • linq
    linq.js LINQ for JavaScript library packaged for node.js.
  • mathjs
    An extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js.
  • midivent
    MIDI library for node.js.
  • mime magic
    Proper MIME type detection library for node.js that wraps the libmagic functionality.
  • money.js
    money.js is a tiny (1kb) javascript currency conversion library , for web & nodeJS.
  • MQTT.js
    An MQTT library for node.js.
  • node amf
    AMF library for NodeJS.
  • node buffalo
    Buffalo is a lightweight BSON library for Node.js.
  • node compute cluster
    NodeJS library for distributing computation across multiple processes.
  • node dashdash
    Yet another node.js option parsing library.
  • node gcm
    A NodeJS wrapper library port to send data to Android devices via Google Cloud Messaging.
  • node heello
    node.js library for interaction with the social network Heello.
  • node language detect
    NodeJS language detection library using n gram.
  • node msgpack
    A space efficient object serialization library for NodeJS.
  • node n3
    Notation3 and RDF library for node.js.
  • node radius
    Node.js RADIUS library for packet encoding and decoding.
  • node schema org
    A node.js library that retrieves, parses and provides all schemas from
  • node search
    A Node.js full text search library.
  • node sender
    NodeJS Library tu push on Iphone, Android , WindowsPhone, Blackberry 5+.
  • node snappy
    Nodejs bindings to Google's Snappy compression library.
  • node snmp native
    Native Javascript SNMP library for Node.js.
  • node supervisord
    Supervisord library for node.js.
  • node xmpp
    XMPP library for node.js.
  • nor fs
    Chainable asynchronous file system library for Node.js.
  • nue
    An async control flow library suited for node.js.
  • numbers.js
    Advanced Mathematics Library for Node.js and JavaScript.
  • oftn bot
    State of the art IRC bot library & bot for Node.js.
  • phys.js
    Advanced Physics Library designed for Javascript and Node.JS.
  • prime
    an OOP javascript library for node.js and the browsers.
  • Prozess
    kafka library for node.js.
  • PSNjs
    PlayStation Network Library for Node.JS.
  • ranger
    A node.js library for interacting with Campfire. I don't actively maintain it.
  • Search
    A Node.js full text search library.
  • sendgrid nodejs
    SendGrid Node.js helper library.
  • sh.js
    Javascript library for Unix shell scripting on node.js.
  • shared paperjs
    A demo showing how easy node.js and a handful libraries make writing a collaboration app on paper.js.
  • simpledb
    An Amazon AWS SimpleDB library for Node.js that is user friendly and fault tolerant.
  • terminal.js
    Javascript terminal emulator library which aims to be xterm complaint and is supposed to work in browsers and node.js.
  • teslams
    Tesla Model S node.js apps and javascript libraries using Tesla's HTTP interfaces.
  • tropo webapi node
    Tropo WebAPI Node.js Library.
  • ttf.js
    JavaScript font library for Node.js and browser.
  • UglifyJS
    JavaScript parser / mangler / compressor / beautifier library for NodeJS.
  • voice.js
    Google Voice library for node.js.
  • wizardry
    A task based node.js library for GraphicsMagick / ImageMagick.
  • zeromq.node
    Node.js bindings to the zeromq library.

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