List of Free code Node.JS URL


  • 0x1f
    Url shortening and qrtag service with nodejs.
  • browser
    browsing urls with cookies, that is, we can scrape with authenticated pages! (Node.js).
  • channel
    Zero dependency URL routing for Node.js and the browser.
  • djuio
    URL Shortener done in NodeJS.
  • express boilerplate
    Basic structure of a node.js web application with Express. Started out as a blog post about how to structure code in an Express web app (in French, see the URL below).
  • fetch
    Fetch URL contents with Node.js.
  • js. url
    It's a powerfull URL parser written in JavaScript with a lot of features that it will help you to modify/parse easily a URL without any problem. Compatible with browser JavaScript and NodeJS (
  • node short
    url shortener for node.js.
  • node shorten
    A url shorten web site in node.js.
  • node url expander
    An URL expander for node.js.
  • node urlshort pc
    Fast URL shortener written in NodeJS by PeacefulComputing.
  • og lookup
    simple node.js app to lookup opengraph meta by url.
    Experimental nodejs powered bugzilla interface. See the demo site at this repo's url.
  • Quickchat.js
    Node.js Chatroom that allows users to quickly create chatrooms that can be shared using urls.
  • Readable
    Simple node.js app that will take a url and return readability parsed content.
  • ristretto url
    A url shortener built on top of Node.js.
  • rou
    Url based router for Node.js and browsers.
  • shawtie
    A node.js based in memory, URL shortener.
  • short
    Promise based Node.js URL Shortener backed by Mongoose.js.
  • short Url
    Another short url service in node.js.
  • shortee
    URL Shortner written in node.js (express.js).
  • shorten node
    A Node.js powered URL Shortener web app.
  • Url Pipe
    A simple node.js app which downloads a file from a URL and uploads it to Dropbox.
  • urlshortener
    url shortener for node.js.

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