List of Free code Social Network


  • Akin
    Makes it easy to share pages accross social networks.
  • Alba
    sorcery + cancan + rolify + Social networks.
  • anadusis
    Social networking for consumer input.
  • Athena
    Synergistic Academic and Social Network.
  • be accountable
    A Seinfeld "don't break the chain" with public flogging of your failures on social networks.
  • binaryattraction
    A bit of social networking with darwinism.
  • Blaze SDK
    JavaScript social networks API.
  • BoozleBlog
    Private blog/social network for extended family. Has become my test bed for any Rails features. Currently using 3.1 asset pipeline goodness.
  • builder
    A social network for building projects.
  • cebuella
    statistical and semantic analysis of news and comments on social networks.
  • clahrc
    community and enterprise social network site software built with Ruby on Rails.
  • codeCasts
    Social network for screencasts in spanish.
  • coding challenge
    A social network for coders.
  • Crowd
    A social broadcast network built in Meteor.
  • DainoBook
    The most awesome social network on the face of the universe.
  • dispersion
    Social network over webRTC.
  • egoistat
    Website statistics from the most popular social networks.
  • extended share extension
    Extends the Google+ Share to many other Social Networks !.
  • ezLemon
    simple social network for language learning.
  • follower
    Fetch data from social networks.
  • genassem
    A social network for legal documentation and annotation.
  • gnostos
    Gnostos is an experimental Thunderbird extension that displays a sidebar next to the email message and extracts the email sender's public social network info (Using friendfeed). Not particularly useful at the moment since the user needs to have a friendfeed profile.
  • hashfresh
    A site for auto refreshing hashtags on social networks.
  • Heritage Network
    A social network that allows members of the internment camp to create profiles and share their stories with the public through an interactive question and answer platform.
    JAGOM's A Grain Of Mustard Seed: social network and project forge.
  • jedo website
    A social networking website.
  • kankim
    Simple social networking application.
  • Kungfu Globe
    Social Network for kung fu practitioners.
  • leifur
    Private social network , built on Meteor, for a group of friends called Leifur.
  • licemerov
    social network app built on Rails3.
  • MemeSmileys
    [DEPRECATED] Silly Opera extension to show meme style smileys on social networking sites.
  • microcommunity
    A social network dedicated to content production.
  • mylied
    Social network for sharing music.
  • naply
    sms voting and social networking app for the awesome Nerdapalooza nerd music conference! WOOOO! (I'm at NAP now haha! I'm such a nerd for coding while all this is happening!).
  • neosocial
    Example application to connect to one of the social networks.
  • network collection
    Tool to collect a (social) network from a group.
  • node network
    The raw pathways upon which a social network can take root and grow.
  • onewaysocial
    a one way social network for Chinese parents.
  • openwall
    OpenWall Social Networking Project for collages or school.
  • orangutan
    Protect your social networks with PGP under the covers.
  • PHPSocial
    A social networking platform that just plain works.
  • post first
    Post First is a helpful browser extension that checks your social networks to see if someone has already posted your current URL. Now your friends will never know you're behind the curve.
  • powerball platform
    An Experiment in Social Networking and QA'ing.
  • queser
    questionnaire web service integrated with social networks.
  • reason
    REaSoN Reporting Errors using a Social Network.
  • recomendalo
    Recomendalo! The recommendations social network.
  • refuge
    Social network for cool coworking places.
  • s network
    Social networking website assignment.
  • sabrosous
    Delicious like service with social network capabilities.
  • shoutr
    A decentralized social networking platform.
  • simplifeed
    A free open source social network based on privacy.
  • sn
    Social Network (final year project).
  • SN view
    enter your contacts and view your social network.
  • SnRd3
    Social Network Representation using d3.
  • snync
    the social network sync service.
  • social network
    A open source social network dating site.
  • social network based questions
    A personal project based Q&A.
  • SocialCheesecake
    Distribution of contacts in social networks.
  • SocialCount
    Simple barebones project to show share counts from various social networks.
  • socialite
    A dummy social network for my own amusement.
  • SoNetA
    Social Network (Visual) Aggregator.
  • starbase
    Host Proof Social Network.
  • thingspeak
    ThingSpeak is an open source ?Internet of Things? application and API to store and retrieve data from things using HTTP over the Internet or via a Local Area Network. With ThingSpeak, you can create sensor logging applications, location tracking applications, and a social network of things with status updates.
  • thishood
    Grails based Social Networking App.
  • travelist
    a social network for travelers that i developed in 2008 2009. now defunct.
  • treble UX
    A community driven internet radio service and social network
  • tribelights
    Knowlege Management, Social Network Style.
  • unswmate
    A totally original social network site, written for UNSW cs2041, 12s2.
  • upstairs
    Simple corporate social network.
  • vkoffline
    Legacy app for VK social network / Chromium based browsers.
  • we
    WE Social Network in Sails version.
  • weight
    A playground for code for playing with social network APIs.
  • YQL Lifestream
    A lifestream widget pulling from various social networks using YQL.
  • zeenbook
    social network created by zeen studio.
  • zelten
    A social network website based on protocol.

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