List of Free code jQuery Sort


  • Horton
    jQuery table plugin to provide responsive behavior (dynamically adapt to changing viewport width), cell editing, and sorting.
  • jQuery dragonsort
    jQuery plugin, drag and sort.
  • jquery tablesorter live
    Adds support to tablesorter for sorting columns with input elements in them.
  • jquery.multiplelivesearch.js
    jquery.livesearch expanded with the ability to have multiple instances and allow sort/ drag between lists.
  • jquery.sortable Table
    Plugin that allows you to easily add the ability to sort an HTML table 's data rows by clicking on the header of any given column.
  • tasksplease
    is a JavaScript (jquery plugin) that makes a task widget from a textarea element. You can create, delete, edit and sort tasks.
  • TinySort
    TinySort is a small and simple jQuery plugin that will sort any nodetype by it's text or attribute value, or by that of one of it's children.

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