List of Free code 2D Game


  • bball 2d
    Simple arcade style basketball game in 2d.
  • Cogito
    Final year university project looking into using machine learning techniques in a game environment. The game takes Lemming's as inspiration, with the agents able to learn optimum paths through the 2D environment using reinforcement learning.
  • derp octo nemesis
    Experimental iOS 2D game stuff, formerly Aposelene.
  • dungeoncrawler
    Simple Obj C 2D top down game engine (Pokemon style).
  • ExampleEngine
    An example 2d game engine built on GLKit.
  • FirstSquadron
    A demo iOS app showing how to use the new SpriteKit API to build a simple 2D fighter plane game.
  • Game Tutorial
    SpriteKit 2D game tutorial.
  • GoodbyeMyLove
    Retro style Cocos 2D game for iOS and the Mac.
  • GunCase
    A framework for the creation of 2D games.
  • Orfeus iOS
    Another version of the game Orfeus for iOS devices. The game uses the Cocos 2D framework.
  • Quest
    A 2D adventure game engine.
  • Tabby2D
    Tabby2D, a lightweight 2D game engine. well, for iOS only. Still in early alpha phase...
  • TauEngine
    2D game engine built on iOS 5's GLKit.
  • Wyrm
    Wyrm is a 2D MOG (Multiplayer Online Game ) based on SFML.

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