List of Free code Cocos2D iPhone


  • 2011 openfeint cocos2d
    An iPhone Project Template with OpenFeint 2.12 + Cocos2D 0.99.
  • babel4iphone
    Online RPG turn based for iPhone using cocos2d iphone.
  • Bouncer
    Iphone showcase for Cocos2d and Box 2d functionality.
  • Box 2D Examples
    Box 2D examples (Ragdoll, Buoyancy, etc.) for Cocos2D for iPhone.
  • CCButtonSupport
    Button support for Cocos2D iPhone (from ObjectAL).
  • CCControlExtension
    Collection of classes to make the design of controls easier for Cocos2d for iPhone.
  • CCLabelBMFont WaveEffect
    A simple to use waving effect for CCLabelBMFont in cocos2d iphone.
  • CCVoiceOverHelpers
    A bunch of classes I work on from time to time to make the usage of VoiceOver in Cocos2d iphone easier.
  • Chipmunk Spacemanager
    Objective C wrapper for chipmunk with Cocos2d iphone helper objects.
  • Cocos Distort
    iPhone adaptation of distort program C/Glut (Drew Olbrich, 1992) using cocos2d iphone library.
  • cocos MNC
    Provides a model view controller (MVC) design pattern for cocos2D for iPhone. Since cocos2D uses nodes instead of views, this implementation is known as a model node controller (MNC).
  • Cocos2 DTutorial
    Following Ray Wenderlich's Cocos2D iPhone tutorial.
  • Cocos2D Chipmunk Scaffold
    A scaffold project for Cocos2D iPhone Framework and Chipmunk physics engine.
  • cocos2d iphone extensions
    3rd party extensions for cocos2d iphone.
  • cocos2d iphone mirror
    a mirror of cocos2d iphone.
  • cocos2d PRKit
    Additions to the fabulous cocos2d iphone library as provided by Precognitive Research.
  • cocowax
    A hello world app showing cocos2d and iPhone Wax working together.
  • copong iphone
    A Pong clone made with Cocos2D for iPhone.
  • Essentials Cocos2D
    Cocos2D iPhone basic essentials tech.
  • gameplayground
    Learning cocos2d iphone in public.
  • iPhone Cocos2D Gamedev Demo
    A repo for the talk I'm giving at
  • Loop 2d
    A simplified and easy to use LUA wrapper around cocos2d for iPhone.
  • OpenColoringBook
    A Coloring Book Implementation for iOS using cocos2d iphone.
  • PagedChooser
    A Cocos2D iPhone cleanroom implementation of the chooser found in the help screens of "Monster Flip".
  • PASoundEngine
    My fork of the sound engine that comes with cocos2d for iPhone, originally by Florin Dumitrescu.
  • ScrollLayer
    2D scroll layer for cocos2d iphone apps.
  • Sprite Dragger
    A clean, minimal Cocos2D iPhone source code example showing you how to drag a sprite across the screen.
  • SpritePlayground
    Cocos2d iPhone example code that demos how to do cool stuff with CCSprite.
  • TDDHelper cocos2d iphone
    Helper do to TDD on cocos2d iphone.
  • teh internets
    teh internets When Memes Attack is a (cyber)space shooter of epic proportions for iOS. Made with cocos2d iphone.
  • tests cocos2d
    cocos2d iphone test codes.

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