List of Free code Game Engine


  • Comeback
    A Phoenix Wright style point 'n tap adventure game engine.
    An open source point and click (or tap) adventure game engine for iOS.
  • iTouchEngine
    game engine iOS version.
  • Kamcord Custom
    Kamcord framework for integration into custom game engines.
  • KoboldKit
    Kobold Kit is the game engine built on and extending Apple's Sprite Kit Framework.
  • LOTSR iOS Engine
    RPG iOS game engine.
  • RadEngine
    Developing RadEngine ? simple game engine for iOS.
  • Sapling
    An entity system based game engine.
  • Sparrow Framework
    The Open Source Game Engine for iOS.
  • StarJewel
    Match 3 RPG style iOS game engine.
  • WorldKit
    Game network engine focused on automatic high level data model syncing.

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