List of Free code Image Filter


  • cifilter transition
    An Example Core Image filter transition.
  • CIFilterTester
    iOS App for Testing Core Image Filters.
  • DLCImagePickerController
    Image PickerController with live filters, radial blur and more. Brought to you by Backspaces.
  • FilterDemo
    A catalogue of all the Core Image Filters.
  • Folder Embosser
    Test app demonstrating CIFilterGenerator by embossing a template image onto the generic filter icon, for output that looks like Lion's special folder icons.
  • Image Filter
    OpenCV and iOS Demo.
  • image filter gallery
    A sample code to show how to use Core Image filters effectively.
  • Image FilterChecker
    The check tool for some CIImage filters.
  • TCImageFilter
    This sample demonstrates how to apply various Core Image filters to a still image.
  • v002 Film Effects
    v002 Film Effects brings emulation of classic film looks to Quartz Composer. Add vignetting, emulate the classic black and diffused white look, Technicolor 1, 2, 3 additive/subtractive film strip process emulation, bleach bypass emulsion processing, and use lomography inspired filters in realtime on your images , video or 3D scenes.

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