List of Free code Image Framework


  • Bearded
    Bearded is a application to teach how to merge two images and use the social framework.
  • FaceKit
    A small framework for simple face tracking using AVFoundation, CoreMedia, and Core Image (deprecated in iOS 6.0).
  • GPUImage
    An open source iOS framework for GPU based image and video processing.
  • iOSCamera Image Processing
    Real time image processing framework for iOS.
  • Pixelator
    A framework hosting a class that pixelates images.
  • realitycheck
    An image based augmented reality framework.
  • simucell
    An open source framework to synthetically generate fluorescent microscopic images of cellular population.
  • Sv Image Info
    Obtain and manipulate image info with Image IO framework.
  • udfkit
    An Objective C/Cocoa framework for reading and interpreting the contents of UDF discs and images.

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