List of Free code Image Resize


  • BOSImageResizeOperation
    An Objective C operation to resize your images correctly and quickly.
  • CapInset Image Generator
    An OS X tool for generating resizable images with cap insets.
  • Resize Image
    Resize Image is an example project demonstrating how to resize image without using UIPinchGesture. Tap on image and with the help of points on an image you will be able to resize the image. It also allows to move the image at any position without using.
  • Resize Images
    A simple OSX application to resize images in a batch.
  • Shrink
    Look alike for Image Magick's "convert" and "mogrify" commands just for resizing images on Mac OS X.
  • UIEdgeInsetsPrimer
    A little project to help with UIEdgeInsets and resizing images on iOS SDK.

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