List of Free code Image View


  • AALaunchTransition
    Simple framework to let your application's launch image fade out to its initial view.
  • ADBImageView
    Asynchronous Image View for iOS providing placeholder, activity indicator, gestures and caching. Delegation and ARC based.
  • ahkpacs
    radiology image viewer in autohotkey.
  • ALBatteryView
    Simple view composed by a battery image and a view that fill the battery with the current battery level.
  • ALImageView
    A Image View Class for loading image concurrently in iOS.
  • ASMCropViewController
    An iOS view controller for cropping images.
  • BART Image DataView
    Brain image data viewer which will be incorporated into the BART application.
  • BHDraggable Image View
    NSImageView where the image can be dragged to any other image source and also as a file. Supports Garbage Collection.
  • CDMedallionView
    A medallion view for OS X (like the login image view introduced in Lion).
  • CSColorizedProgressView
    A progress view that transitions a grayscale image to a full color image.
  • DBSignatureView
    A view for creating signatures on iOS. Supports path recording / playback and image capture.
  • DCImageView
    Network Based Image Viewer.
  • DragDrop
    AppleScriptObjC DragDrop Image View Example.
  • Flanker
    image viewer on mac.
  • GBPath Image View
    With this class, you can get images in the circles or squares with the border.
  • GCOLaunch Image Transition
    Animates the transition from the launch image to the app's initial view controller on iOS.
  • Google Street View API Wrapper
    An Objective C wrapper of Google Street View Image API.
  • IIIThumbFlow
    IIIThumbFlow is a simple iOS view component for presenting images in a vertical flow style.
  • Image FlowViewer
    image viewer like iBooks.
  • Image Search
    Image Viewer for Google Image search queries.
  • iOS Image Crop View
    A view that allows the user to select the cropping area in an image.
  • ios KRDrag Image View
    It can drag and move one or more images on the screen.
  • KImageViewer
    An ready to use Image viewer, writed in Objective C Cocoa for Mac OsX, with tools pannel for the zoom options.
  • LLDB QuickLook
    Debugger commands to open images , views, and more using Quick Look.
  • LTransition Image View
    iOS Image View with transition between images.
  • MAHideSlideView
    Sliding view with customizable cover background. Hidden view may be an Image View or o button. Contains a protocol definition for open and close event management.
  • MCProgressView
    Progress view with custom images.
  • NetworkDemo
    using NSURLConnection and ASIHttpRequest to download images and show progress view.
  • QBScrollable Image View
    Image View allowing scrolling and zooming with two fingers.
  • QBTitleView
    Title label and image view for 'titleView' property of UINavigationItem.
  • RCAlertView
    A custom alert view that can display images and video.
  • RCBlurred Image View
    An iOS component that mimics the Yahoo Weather app's blurring effect.
  • SDWeb Image View Example
    Example of the SDWeb Image with a progress bar.
  • Simple Image Viewer
    Simple image viewer for OSX.
  • Single Image View
    A basic IOS Single View Application with an Image View.
  • tirepeatedbackgroundimage
    repeatedBackground Image property for Titanium Mobile View.
  • UIXRatingView
    A Cocoa touch "stars" view with customizable images and size.
  • Vertigo
    Simple full screen image viewer with image zoom custom view controller transition.
  • vitaminsee
    Image viewer for OSX.
  • WCFoldable Image View
    Perspective transform by just resizing view.
  • WWSwipeView
    Horizontal image slider view.

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